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2009 Election Overview

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2009 Election Overview

UPDATE: The Elections are complete and voting has been tallied. Notification of final results is pending.

Dear Member of the LAFD Historical Society – This constitutes a notice from the Board of Directors of the annual meeting of the membership of the Society.  The meeting will take place on September 9, 2009 at 1355 N. Cahuenga Blvd, Hollywood CA 90028.  The meting will begin at 8 AM.  If you cannot attend the meeting, you may vote using the enclosed ballot (as mailed to members in good standing).  All ballots will be counted by the election company during the annual meeting.

Balloting  procedures are spelled out below:

Enclosed you will find a number of items relating to both the election of candidates for the Board of Directors and the proposed changes to the by-laws. 
  1. Election to the Board. There are 17 candidates for 15 seats. Please select no more than 15 candidates by punching the ballot where indicated.  Candidates’ statements are included in this mailing (and can be viewed on the website by clicking here).
  2. Changes to the by-laws.  A copy of the current by-laws is enclosed (in mailed ballot materials).  The proposed changes relate to Article V II Section 4 and   Article IX where a new Section 18 is proposed to be added.
  3. The effect of a “yes” vote on the by-law change at Art VII Sec. 4 will be to reduce the quorum of members necessary for a valid vote on Board membership from 33 1/3% to 10%.  A “yes” vote on the proposed by-law change by the addition of a new Sec. 18 to Art IX is that  future changes to the by-laws, articles of incorporation and other Society business will be within the exclusive power of the Board.  As previously communicated to you, the Board is urging a “yes” vote on the proposed by-law changes in order for the Society to function properly.
  4. Voting procedures.  Please complete and mail your ballot in accordance with the instructions inside.
  5. Electronic consent form. Finally, you will find enclosed (with mailed materials) a consent form which will enable the Society to count your vote and communicate with you in the future electronically.  You will need to provide the Society with your email and with your signed consent to permit you to vote electronically in the future.  Your email address will not be sold or otherwise marketed by the Society. The email consent may be included in the return envelope along with the envelope containing the ballot.
Note: If you have not received your ballot materials, please contact us immediately and confirm your current mailing address. We can be reached at info @ lafdmuseum dot org - or via phone at 323-464-2727.