The LAFD Historical Society volunteers have been working on a multi-year restoration project of Los Angeles Fire Department retired Fireboat No. 2 the “Ralph J. Scott” to prepare it for display in its own museum in the Port of Los Angeles adjacent to its last assignment in Fire Station 112 in San Pedro. The 88 year old boat is a National Historic Landmark and under the cover of a large tent to protect it from the environment while it is being restored.

Be sure and make the Fireboat one of your stops during the Festival. We will provide you with information about the boat’s history and take you on a tour around the boat and work area. This is a significant restoration project and one that you can appreciate when you see it. We will also have sales of Fireboat items, a great raffle of Fireboat and LAFD items and of course a place where you can support the project through your donations.

Old Fire Boat No. 2, the Ralph J. Scott has a remarkable and storied history. She was involved with most of the significant fires in the LA Harbor area, and served longer than any other single piece of apparatus. Originally named Los Angeles City No. 2, she was built in 1925 at the Los Angeles Shipbuilding and Drydock Corp. (Todd Shipyard) in San Pedro. Launched October 20, 1925, the $214,000 fire boat went to sea with a crew of 14 officers and firefighters. She was later renamed the Ralph J. Scott, in honor of the city’s most innovative Chief engineer during the early 1900s. When built, Old Fire Boat No. 2 was powered by seven 350-horsepower, 6-cylinder in-line Winton gasoline engines. There were six Byron Jackson four-stage centrifugal pumps mounted in pairs forward of the propulsion system. Each was rated at 1700 G.P.M. at 200 psi., for a total output of 10,200 G.P.M. Beginning in 1975 the gasoline engines were replaced with diesels and by 1978 two 700 H.P. V-12 Cummins, three 380 H.P. 6 cylinder in-line Cummins and two 525 H.P. V-12 – 2 cycle Detroit engines powered the boat. The pumping capacity increased to 18,000 gallons per minute and with added modernized features allowed the boat to serve until retired in 2003 when new Fireboat 2 went into service.

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