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Have you visted a fire station?

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Hollywood Museum

1355 N. Caheunga Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90028
(323) 464 - 2727
SAT 10a - 4p

Harbor Museum

638 Beacon Street
San Pedro, CA 90731
(323) 464 - 2727
SAT 10a - 3p

Off-hour tours available
by special request.

Have you visted a fire station?

Welcome!!! A bit of video history
Do you remember the first fire station that you visited? Do you remember how old you were?

Each fire station in the city carries a remarkable history, and some of the buildings that housed our firefighters have a second life, such as Old Fire Station 28 in downtown Los Angeles. Built at a cost of $60,000, It opened in 1913 and and served the downtown area until 1969. The building was at risk for more than a decade. In 1983, a five-year program to restore the building began, and today, it houses a very hip restaurant - if you're ever in downtown Los Angeles and you get hungry, you've got to check it out.

LAFD Fire Station 28

LAFD Station 28 Prior to Becoming a Restaurant - Photo by Julius Shulman (1980)

The history of fire stations in Los Angeles is interesting not only for anyone interested in the LAFD, but in architecture, local neighborhoods, and general L.A. history. Fire stations were originally filled with apparatus and horses, and as mechanized engines came online, the style of construction changed. It also changed with the times and there are some remarkable buildings in L.A. that were once fire stations. For that matter, there are a few that still are.

Today, the Los Angeles Fire Department Historical Society operates two museums, both old fire stations. Old Station 27, in Hollywood, is one of the most widely recognized fire stations in the country and has been used in numerous films, television series, and training programs. Old Station 36 in San Pedro is in a historic building near the waterfront. Next to Old 27s, a new active Fire Station 27 responds to more than a dozen calls a day. In the Harbor area, a new Fire Station 36 opened recently and serves the San Pedro area.

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