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A bit of video history

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Hollywood Museum

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A bit of video history

Have you visted a fire station? Proud of Pinel
The Los Angeles Fire Department has a photo/video unit and in days past, had a "film unit" to record major incidents, press events, and training for department use. On occasion, either working internally or with outside production companies, promotional or documentary videos would be produced.

In the time period of the late 1940s through the late 1950s, a documentary film, titled, Your Fire Department, was produced. There is little available information on this film, but it is a wonderful overview of the LAFD during this time period. The Historical Society is doing some research regarding this film - and welcomes any input or commentary about it.

Screen Grab of 1948 Film
This film in interesting for a number of reasons, including the use of color in an era when black and white was most commonly used. Fire Station 27 (now the home of the LAFD museum in Hollywood), is featured in multiple places and apparatus no longer housed there are shown (utility company, salvage company, etc.). The Gorter Water Tower, now on display in the Hollywood museum is shown in action, as are a variety of interesting apparatus that if found today, would be extremely valuable. LAFD Fire Boats are painted in wartime gull-gray, another interesting hint regarding the time of production. Active Firefighters will get a kick out of the techniques used "back in the day" and it's clear that times have changed!

There have been many films highlighting the LAFD during its history. Terry Sanders produced "The Story of a Fireman" in 1962 and today, a new documentary on the history of the department is in production, with the support of the Historical Society.

The video posted on Google appears to have been uploaded from Europe, and attempts to contact the publisher have not been met with a response. If you have information regarding Your Fire Department, we'd love to hear from you. NOTE: Only Part II is available via the link above. You can see the entire video at the LAFD Museum in Hollywood.

Special thanks to Captain I (9-B) Tim Werle for discovering this video.

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