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Opening of FS 43

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Opening of FS 43

Proud of Pinel Tilson, Task Forces, Trauma: We Remember Watts
If you haven't been to the grand opening of a new fire station, it's a terrific way to start the day. On August 16, 2008, the Los Angeles Fire Department will celebrate the opening of its latest construction project: The New Fire Station 43.

Here's the scoop:

Saturday, August 16, 2008
10:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Fire Station 43
3690 Motor Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90034

West Los Angeles is an active part of the Southern California Landscape and this Fire Station will be busy as well. With a combination of homes, apartments, and commercial businesses, the mix of emergency runs will keep these firefighters on the go.

The LAFD Historical Society will be a part of the festivities - we'll be bringing our mobile gift shop to the event. If you're interested in some authentic LAFD wearables, hats, shirts, and patches... or, if you're ready to teach your kids about fire safety, we've got books and DVDs you'll enjoy. Best of all, we've got models of helicopters, fire engines, and much more. So, don't miss out on the fun.

Join us and have some fun, eat some cake, and pick up a model fire engine for the kids. See you there!


I worked at 43's as a rookie in the late 50's. It was so quiet that we could go to the library two blocks away and not worry about a run. We had the "Coke Wagon" a United Kenworth, cab forward, with an enclosed cab but of course you had to ride the tailboard. It had a Hall Scott engine laid on its side which could drowned out with the slightest rain. The gas pump was in the oil room, you would take the hose through a side door, open the compartment and there were the fill tubes for the gas tank and the oil pan. I was told that once they filled the oil pan with gas. A real retirement house.

August 13th, 2008 // By David Tornbom

My Dad worked at 43's in the 70's, Jim Goodenow "Goodie", and I have wonderful memories of Thanksgiving dinners with tables set up in the small area behind the firetruck and then having the alarm go off and having the exhaust fumes from the truck linger over the tables and food while the men were all out! Great times and great memories of Dad and everyone there.

August 13th, 2008 // By Debbie Goodenow

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