The Perfect Family Outing!

LAFD Hummer Brush Vehicle

Can you picture yourself on this really neat LAFD HUMMER? It’s one of the most unique fire engines ever built, and the LAFD Museum owns this rare fire apparatus. It’s one of more than 30 fire engines we own.  We also have the largest collection of model fire engines anywhere – an entire exhibit room full of them. And if you like what you see, our gift shop has some fire engines you can take home with you, too.

What makes our museums so special? Nearly every young person thinks about joining the fire service at some point. There is no better place to explore the wonders, history, and challenge of being a firefighter than one of the museums managed by the Los Angeles Fire Department Historical Society.

Our Hollywood museum (Old Fire Station 27) is housed in what was once the largest fire station west of the Mississippi. With more than 20,000 square feet of space, a number of famous pieces of firefighting apparatus, and hundreds of artifacts on display, there‚Äôs something for the entire family here. Located just a few blocks from the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame and the Chinese Theater, you won’t find a more unique and welcoming fire museum on either side of the Mississippi.

Both of these museums are not only home to some of the city’s most important and remarkable history, they’re also a place where retired firefighters like to spend their time. Being a firefighter isn’t like most jobs, and when it’s time to retire, the service stays with most men and women for the rest of their lives. And that makes our museums even more unique. On any given Saturday, you can bring your family to the fire station and hear about real fires, from the guys who fought them and put them out.

If you’re interested in local L.A. history, you must visit our Harbor Museum (Old Fire Station 36). Located just across the street from Ports of Call village in San Pedro, there is no better place to get the genuine feeling of what it was like to work in a small community fire station. Much of the interior is just as it was 75 years ago. Not only that, but inside, you’ll find a perfectly restored 1923 Seagrave Fire Engine that actually served at 36s in the early 1900s. And, even though we don’t have any firefighters who rode on the old Seagrave, we do have a group of dedicated, friendly retired firefighter docents who can show you around, tell you a story or two, and put a grin on your face. So, stop by. We can’t wait to meet you.


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Wild Countryish

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